Home Funerals as Green Burial

home funeral and green burial

I’ve been enamoured of home funerals for several years now, since hearing a podcast about one (and, for the life of me, I can’t recall which one—so please send me your home-funeral podcast episode recommendations). Although it seems common for people to wish to die at home, when I’ve shared my desire for a home…

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Advance Care Planning + Speak Up!

advance care planning bc

Anyone familiar with end-of-life planning likely understands the need for a last will and testament, a common legal documenting for describing how we’d like our possessions to be distributed in the event of our death. Some of us—particularly those facing a terminal diagnosis—also understand the need for advance directives to document our healthcare wishes in…

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Types of Grief Work: Anticipatory, Collective, and Disenfranchised

types of grief

In 2020, people worldwide expanded our vocabulary for describing and perhaps even experiencing grief. As COVID-19 spread globally—taking lives and radically altering the landscape of our daily lives—references to “anticipatory grief” and “collective grief” became far more common. Whereas “anticipatory grief” describes feelings of loss that precede an expected death, “collective grief” characterizes the shared…

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