What if you could approach end of life from a place of curiosity, courage, and compassion? 

Mono Brown Vancouver Death Doula

I work with clients to identify, discuss, plan for, and act upon their end-of-life wishes, values, beliefs, and needs.

As a death doula, I view end of life as a potentially transformative stage rife with opportunities for self-actualization.

I find that, when encouraged in various ways to tune into their inner wisdom, most people easily discover powerful inner resources for approaching end of life from a place of empowerment.

My death doula practice is supported by my expertise as an educator, health researcher, and writing consultant - all roles that honed my knowledge of end-of-life issues and ability to help individuals and groups navigate these issues skillfully and authentically.

MONO BROWN, PhD [ they / them ]

MONO BROWN, PhD [ they / them ]

Registered Death Doula, End of Life Doula Association of Canada

In addition to working with clients of all ages and backgrounds, I specialize in work with marginalized and oppressed groups. As a queer and trans (non-binary) person, I both advocate for and promote self-advocacy among clients, in medical and social contexts, such as hospitals and workplaces, where a lack of knowledge or respect may be negatively affecting their treatment and care.

Vancouver Death Doula Services (1)


Clients come to me at various stages in the process of preparing for end-of-life. My services include

Companioning + End-of-Life Conversations

Creating a safe, supportive space for individuals, couples, and families to discuss and explore death and dying.

Grief Work

Supporting clients with working through loss of any kind (for example, a loved one or a pet or even a near-loss). Grief may present as death anxiety or fear of dying. We incorporate rituals and practices for moving through grief.

Resources and Referral

Providing hands-on assistance with practical end-of-life matters, such as Advance Care Planning, burial, legacy work, and memorialization. I help clients transform their wishes into reality and connect with resources.


Offering guidance for those facing a terminal diagnosis to ensure respect and support for their identity, wishes, needs, and beliefs in health and medical contexts.

Vigil Work

Helping primary caregivers maintain a supportive presence by the bedside and helping family and friends with the emotional, spiritual, and practical challenges of dying.


Truly, any aspect of death and dying is ripe for doula work. No matter the issue, the clarity these sessions provide in terms of helping a client both identify and act on their own wishes, values, and beliefs can be life-altering.


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"There is some strange intimacy between grief and aliveness, some sacred exchange between what seems unbearable and what is most exquisitely alive."

Francis Weller, The Wild Edge of Sorrow